Crescent Yamaha conclude successful 2019 season

The Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship concluded at Landrake Moto Parc in Cornwall on Sunday where Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr and Jake Shipton both showed their strength of character during a testing day for the team. 

Prolonged and heavy overnight rain meant the normally hard-packed hillside circuit was very soft in qualifying with Martin running fifth in MX2 and Jake, who was feeling ill, carding a disappointing 11th in MX1. 

Martin struggled out of the gate in the first moto but he displayed his usual fortitude on his YZ250F to fight his way through the pack to fifth. Unfortunately, by the time he’d strung together sufficient passes he was almost a minute behind the leader. 

A first-lap crash then put him out of the second 25-minute plus two lap moto but, even after failing to finish, the tough Irish rider had done enough over the eight-round series to nail down a clear fourth in the championship standings. 

Illness meant Jake started the day on the back foot and things went from bad to worse for him when he was forced to pit on the first lap of race one for fresh goggles. He recovered well and was holding down 10th when he crashed but a late pass rewarded him with 11th at the flag. 

In race two he stayed upright but another bad start limited him to ninth, although 10th overall on the day was good enough for seventh in the title chase as the leading YZ450F rider in Britain’s premier motocross series.

“It’s been okay. Obviously, there was a lot of rain overnight and the track was pretty wet to start off with in qualifying and I ended up fifth which was fine. I made a decent start in race one but took too long to get into fifth position and by the time I got there the first four had already gone so I just used my head to bring it home. 

“In race two I made a pretty poor start and halfway around the first lap a guy crashed right in front of me and I had nowhere to go, hit his bike and went upside down. The bike was pretty bent-up and it took me a long time to get going so I DNFed that one which was unfortunate and a disappointing way to finish the British championship but I still did enough to secure fourth.

“Obviously, I wanted to be further up but it hasn’t been a bad season for me – I’m healthy and looking forward to the Motocross des Nations at Assen this weekend which is my last race of the season.”

“It was a pretty tough day. I wasn’t 100 per cent in the morning and struggled to get a dry lap in for qualifying and 11th wasn’t what I was hoping for.

“In the first race I got a decent start but got pelted in the face by a lot of roost and had to come in on lap one to change my goggles and then went from last up to 10th but crashed. The bars and levers were bent but I managed to get 11th which considering what happened wasn’t too bad.

“In the second race I got a shocking start and couldn’t make a pass so I ended up ninth in that one. The track was really one-lined – there was literally just one rut in every turn – and there must have been seven of us all within five to 10 seconds of each other.

“I’ve managed to make it through the championship in one piece and seventh is not too bad.”

MX1 overall

1 Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+20=45

2 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 22+22=44

3 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 20+15=35

4 Brad Anderson (Verde Substance KTM) 14+18=32

5 Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 18+14=32

10 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 10+12=22

MX2 overall

1 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 25+25=50

2 Conrad Mewse (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 20+20=40

3 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 15+22=37

4 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+15=37

5 Liam Knight (Verde Substance KTM) 18+16=34

13 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 16+0=16


Crescent Yamaha riders Jake Shipton and Martin Barr missed out on a dynamite double podium finish by the narrowest of margins at the sixth and final round of the Michelin MX Nationals at Foxhill on Sunday. 

Jake was in great form around one of his favourite tracks to claim a season-best second overall in the Pro MX1 class but Martin – racing in considerable pain following his operation less than two weeks ago to have a broken collarbone plated – lost out on a tie-break for third overall in Pro MX2. 

Martin was, however, looking at the bigger picture and his heroic performances around the hard-pack former GP circuit were enough to secure second in the Pro MX2 championship by a single point. Jake’s score ensured he ended the season fifth in Pro MX1. 

The series’ ‘Fastest 40 format’ runs both Pro classes together in two 25-minute plus two lap races but scores them separately. 

Martin’s title hopes ended at the previous round at the end of August when he broke his collarbone but with second overall still a possibility he gritted his teeth and got on with the job on his YZ250F. 

After qualifying in fifth he started well in the opening moto and held an early second in class before slipping back to third which he held to the flag. A slower start in race two forced him to play catch-up but he worked his way through the field to fourth which gave him a hard-earned second in the series. 

Jake also qualified in fifth and then held down third for the entire race-distance in the first moto despite struggling to find a rhythm on the fast, blue-groove circuit. 

Starting third again in race two but feeling more relaxed, he was at the sharp end of the action for the full moto on his YZ450F. After inheriting second place when the leader went out with a mechanical issue at half-distance, Jake then chased 2019 champion Harri Kullas all the way to the line in a thrilling finale.

“It’s only 12 days since my operation so to even be on a bike is fantastic, let alone at the sharp end. It’s very satisfying – obviously, I haven’t been able to do any practising and my main goal this weekend was to try and keep hold of second in the championship which I’ve managed to do.

“The first race I got a decent start and was running second before I dropped to third but I was happy enough with that. In race two I didn’t get such a good start but I came through and got up to fourth and that’s where I stayed but it was good enough to secure second in the championship by a point.

“I’m over the moon the way the last few weeks have gone. Obviously, I’d have liked to have won the championship but two DNFs after crashing at the previous round and breaking my collarbone put the title out of reach.

“It’s the last round of the Maxxis this weekend. I’m currently in fourth and I’d like to get up to third so we’ll keep working – I’m not a man to lie down on the job. I put my heart and soul into my racing and I think I’ve showed that the last couple of weeks by riding through the pain barrier.”

“I’m happy with my result. I wish I’d passed Harri Kullas in the second moto but the bike felt mega today and I felt fit and healthy.

“Qualifying went okay – I’ve been struggling with it for the last couple of weeks so I was pretty chuffed with fifth.

“In the first moto I rode a bit tight and didn’t use the best lines or find a decent flow. I also got arm-pump about 10 minutes in so I just rode around in third – that was pretty much it. 

“I got a good start in the second race and was behind Elliott Banks-Browne and Harri and felt a lot better. Elliott had a bike problem and went out and then I was all over Harri and we went back and forth for the full race – he’d pull a gap and then I’d catch him again. I stayed on him but I just couldn’t get within striking distance.

“I made the wrong tyre choice for the second race and went with a Bridgestone soft when I should probably have gone for a medium but I kinda made it work. The Bridgestones have given me a lot of confidence this year and even in race two when I chose the wrong compound I could still challenge for the lead.”

MX1 overall

1 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 22+25=47

2 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 20+22=42

3 Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 18+20=38

4 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 16+14=30

5 Tony Craig (RHR Yamaha) 11+16=27

MX2 overall

1 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 25+25=50

2 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM) 22+20=42

3 Glenn McCormick (Unique Fitout Husqvarna) 16+22=38

4 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 20+18=38

5 Tom Grimshaw (HCR Apico Yamaha) 18+16=34


Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr had an unfortunate start to round five of the Michelin MX Nationals at Cusses Gorse on Sunday, after suffering a badly broken collarbone in the first lap of Race 1, following an incident on the finish straight. 

MX1 Teammate Jake Shipton had a frustrating DNF in the same race, but recovered well to show excellent pace and finish P2 behind Harri Kullas in the second race. 

Heading into the Wiltshire track and holding down second overall in the MX2 championship, Martin had his sights set on the series lead but went down hard in the opening lap of the day in the track’s very fast section of rolling bumps. He will require surgery to plate the badly broken bone, and further information on his recovery and return to racing will be delivered in due course. 

Jake Shipton struggled from the gate of the first race and was forced to pull out just before half-distance with a minor but very frustrating problem which made it difficult for him to control his YZ450F. 

With Martin unable to start race two, Jake was Crescent Yamaha’s sole representative and he rose to the occasion by grabbing a superb holeshot and leading until Harri Kullas made a pass. Pushed back to second, Jake kept the pressure on and pulled away from the rest of the pack, riding strong until the flag for a season-best finish in the MX Nationals.

“Obviously, I’m disappointed. I needed a good result and it didn’t go that way and I ended up breaking my collarbone in two places and needing surgery. 

“I would have liked to take the championship fight to the final round but it wasn’t meant to be and that’s just motocross – sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. I’ll stay positive and get the operation done as soon as possible and then we’ll see where we’re at.”

“The second race was great but I had a problem in the first moto which was frustrating. I had a few sketchy moments and didn’t finish but we got it together for the second one.

“I got the holeshot in race two which was great because I’ve been working hard on my starts off the mesh and I led for a couple of laps before Harri Kullas went by and then I brought it home. I’d have liked to have won it but Harri was on another level today – he was riding really strong but it was great to end the day on a high and with a good feeling on my YZF.”

MX1 overall

1 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 22+25=47

2 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 16+20=36

3 Jake Millward (ASA United KTM) 18+18=36

4 Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 20+15=35

5 Liam Knight (Verde Substance KTM) 14+16=30

10 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) DNF+22=22

MX2 overall

1 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 25+25=50

2 Tom Grimshaw (HCR Apico Yamaha) 22+22=44

3 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM) 16+22=38

4 Carlton Husband (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 22+14=36

5 Ashton Dickinson (Craigs KTM) 18+16=34


Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr raced to his first MX2 podium finish of the season in the seventh round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship with a hard-fought third overall. 

The hard-pack former GP track is notoriously testing for both man and machine with dramatic changes in elevation and a series of imposing jumps. 

Sitting fourth in the championship, Martin qualified in fifth on his YZ250F to ensure a good position behind the start gate but when it dropped for the opening moto, he found himself at the tail end of the top 10 and had to make a string of passes to work his way into fourth by the end of lap three. 

With the leading trio already checked out, he rode a solid race to bring it home in a comfortable fourth. 

A much better start in race two saw Martin running in second on the opening lap before losing a position. With a podium finish in his sights, the veteran Irishman drew on all his experience and rode a careful and calculated moto to finish third which earned him third overall on a tie-break. 

With just one round to go, Martin holds fourth in the championship chase just 15 points behind the third-placed rider. 

Foxhill is one of Jake Shipton’s favourite tracks and he started the day hoping for a podium on his YZ450F but after struggling to 12th in qualification he didn’t get a favourable gate-pick and was buried mid-pack at the start of race one. A forceful opening lap elevated him to 11th and he kept pushing hard, fighting his way up to sixth after five laps when the race was red-flagged due to an accident. 

In race two Jake again didn’t get a great start but after the first lap he was up to seventh and then moved into sixth on lap three, holding his position until the final third of the moto when he was pushed back to seventh which he held to the flag. 

The result moves him to within 15 points of sixth position in the overall championship chase.

“It’s nice to get my first podium this year in the Maxxis so it wasn’t a bad day. Qualifying was okay with fifth position – I struggled a little bit to get a decent lap in but it was still good enough for a good gate pick. 

“I didn’t make such a good start in race one. I kinda crept through up the inside and came away in seventh or eighth but by the time I’d got to fourth the first three were gone. 

“I made a really good start in race two and was second. Alvin [Ostlund] passed me a couple of corners into the race and I stuck with the Revo guys for a few laps but they were running a stronger pace than me and started pulling away, so I used my head and dropped my pace a little to bring it home in third. 

“The plan is try to move up to third overall in the championship – I know it’s not going to be easy but I’ll definitely give it a good go. I need to qualify well, get two good starts and then we’ll see what happens.”

“I made a mistake in qualifying to be honest, and that cost me a lot in the races. I waited a bit too late to try for a fast lap and when I did go for it, when the track had dried up a bit, I ended up crashing. 

“I had a really bad start in the first race and came from maybe 16th through to sixth within about 10 minutes which was really good and then they red-flagged it, but I felt pretty decent although I was a little bit annoyed with the result. 

“In race two I didn’t get the best of starts but got up to sixth and sat there for most of the race before dropping to seventh near the end. “I’m disappointed to be honest. I went there hoping for a solid day and possibly even a podium but it just didn’t happen. The biggest thing for me today was poor starts and in the second race I didn’t really find my flow at all and was just fighting every bump and rut so it was only an average day for me. 

“I’m really looking forward to the final round at Landrake. It’s one of my favourite tracks so I’m not going to let today get to me and I’ll keep working hard and hopefully be on the podium and finish the year off on a high.”

MX1 overall

1 Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+25=50

2 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 22+16=38

3 Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 16+20=36

4 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 18+18=36

5 Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna) 13+22=35

7 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 15+14=29

MX2 overall

1 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 25+25=50

2 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+22=44

3 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 18+20=38

4 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 20+18=38

5 Michael Sandner (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 16+14=30


Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr and Jake Shipton had a tough day at the office yesterday at round six of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship at Hawkstone Park with Martin struggling to get out of the gate and Jake still suffering from an injury. 

Sitting fifth in the MX2 championship on his YZ250F heading into Hawkstone, Martin qualified in fourth just over two-and-a-half seconds off the pole-setter’s pace. 

A bad start in the opening moto placed him 13th and after a series of decisive moves in the first few laps, allowed him to advance to fifth. A final pass in the penultimate lap saw him cross the line in fourth just under four seconds behind Josh Gilbert. 

Despite a better start in race two, the veteran Irishman still had a lot of work to do and by the time he’d fought through to fourth on lap four the leading three riders had checked out. Never giving up on the sand track that was faster, firmer and less technical than is usually the case, Martin came home in fourth for fourth overall on the day. 

The result elevates him to fourth in the championship with two rounds to go. 

A qualification crash just seven days earlier at Canada Heights had left Jake with an injured right wrist. Not one to go down without a fight, he bit the bullet and came in at a strong sixth in MX1 qualification on his YZ450F on one of the toughest tracks in the country. 

A solid start off the mesh grid in the opening moto gave him a top-10 position after the first lap and he held seventh for much of the moto before a late pass rewarded him with sixth. Race two was much tougher and after completing the first lap all the way back in 17th he was forced to dig deep. With speeds high, he managed to battle his way through to eighth but his wrist injury came into effect in the closing laps and he dropped to 10th at the flag for eighth overall. 

This result has closed the gap between Jake in eighth and Brad Anderson who sits in seventh in the championship.

“It’s been a frustrating day with very poor starts in both races. In the first race I was outside the top 15 and in the second I was outside the top 12 so I gave myself a lot of work to do and by the time I’d worked my way up to fourth the top three had gone. 

“I think I’ve got to the stage where I’m just over-thinking it and making things worse so I need to go back to the drawing board with the starts, practice hard and try and get that feeling back which will hopefully make life a bit easier. It’s not going to be easy but I’ll put myself in a better position. 

“It wasn’t your normal Hawkstone. Over the years it’s kinda got faster and faster and they’ve taken all the technical stuff out of it and places where you can make up time but it’s the same for everybody. In the last race it got a bit choppy in places but it’s not the famous Hawkstone that gets rough and gnarly. 

“The rougher the better for me but I’m not going to make excuses. I was fourth in qualifying and fourth in both races so it was a day of fourths!”

“Today’s not been too bad although I’m a little bit disappointed to be honest but considering what happened last weekend it could have been worse. In the first race once I got into sixth I got stuck behind Jake Millward and couldn’t make a pass but it was all right. 

“In the second race I had a terrible start – I think after the first lap I was just inside the top 20 – but fought through to eighth and blew myself up a little bit and jarred my wrist so I ended up 10th. It’s not so much painful but I struggle with grip – it’s a frustrating, niggling little injury – but eighth overall is okay and it could have been a lot worse. 

“Still, having been on the podium last time out it’s disappointing but I’m quite chuffed with myself to get through it because I’ve never really had to ride with an injury like this. If you can’t hold on then it’s tough but the biggest thing for me this weekend was starts. I just can’t seem to get to grips with the mesh. 

“I’m not going to get myself down because I know the speed and fitness is there so bring on the last four races on hard-pack!”

MX1 overall

1 Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+25=50

2 Tommy Searle (KRT Kawasaki) 22+22=44

3 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 20+18=38

4 Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda) 13+20=33

5 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 16+16=32

8 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 15+11=26

MX2 overall

1 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 25+25=50

2 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+22=43

3 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 20+20=40

4 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 18+18=36

5 Ashton Dickinson (Craigs Motorcycles KTM) 15+16=31


Crescent Yamaha team-mates Martin Barr and Jake Shipton were in action on Sunday at Canada Heights in Kent at the fourth round of the MX Nationals. 

Carrying the series leader’s red plate heading into the event, Martin qualified second in MX2 on his YZ250F just over a second behind his main title rival Josh Gilbert. Unfortunately, Jake suffered an early crash in qualification and injured his right wrist but by then he’d already posted the fifth-fastest time in MX1 so he pulled in to receive medical attention. 

The series runs an exciting ‘Fastest 40’ format which mixes the top 20 from both the MX1 and MX2 classes together in two 25-minute plus two lap motos but scores them separately. I

n the opening moto Jake, with his wrist heavily strapped, started well and was seventh after the opening lap. Gritting his teeth, he then moved up to sixth and was pressurising the riders ahead of him but the pain was too much. Struggling to hold onto his YZ450F, he was forced to back it down and lost places to a handful of MX2 riders but was still sixth in class at the flag. 

Martin struggled against the more powerful 450s out of the gate but was running second in MX2 before being pushed back to third on lap five. Well-known for his fighting spirit, the Irishman never gave up and managed to make a last-lap pass to regain second. 

With Jake opting to head home to get his wrist checked at his local hospital, Martin was the team’s sole representative in race two and led the MX2 class in the early stages before losing a place to Gilbert. Continuing to push for the full race distance, he was second in class at the end. 

The result means Martin has lost the series lead to Gilbert but with two rounds to go he’s just three points behind. 

Representing the team in the MXY1 class for youth riders on 125cc two-strokes, Bobby Bruce poled Qualification by almost four seconds and comfortably won both motos on Saturday – the first by 20 seconds and the second by 40 seconds. 

Unfortunately, his YZ125 developed a technical problem on the line before the start of Sunday’s first moto and he was unable to compete for the rest of the day and as a result has slipped a position to sixth place in the championship.

“It was kinda one of those days and I’m a bit disappointed. Things started off okay and I was second in qualifying but I didn’t get the best of starts in race one after a rider came across me just out of the gate so I had a bit of work to do in the first couple of laps.

“I managed to close back up and get to second [in MX2] behind Josh Gilbert but lost my rhythm a bit and Taylor Hammal passed me but I regrouped, started pushing hard and managed to get back by Taylor on the last lap to finish second.

“I got a better start in race two but never got a rhythm going that I was comfortable with and Josh passed me which gave me two seconds for second overall.

“I’ve lost the red plate but there are still four races to go and 100 points up for grabs so it’s not over yet. All-in-all it wasn’t a disaster, I’m healthy and I’m going to keep working.”

“On the second lap of qualifying I went through the rollers which were wet from where they’d prepped them and had a big high-side by the mechanics’ area and jarred my right wrist. It hurt so much I had to pull in but luckily I’d done one fast lap which put me fifth [in MX1].

“I got it iced and taped up and went out for the first one. I got a fairly decent start, made a few passes and got up to Mel Pocock but with five minutes to go I could hardly hold on but I still managed to finish sixth in class which wasn’t too bad.

“I’ve had it checked out and I’ve got what’s called a stage-three sprain and a bruised ulna so a couple of paracetamols at the weekend and I’ll be good to go! I might try and ride towards the end of the week and I’m booked in for an ultrasound this afternoon which will help it heal faster.”

“I’m gutted. My bike died at the start of race three which was a bummer. Being positive though, I won the first two races and with a pretty good gap as well.”

Pro MX1 overall

1 Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda) 22+25=47

2 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 25+20=45

3 Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna) 20+22=42

4 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 18+15=33

5 Jason Meara (Norman Watt Kawasaki) 14+18=32

13 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 15+0=15

Pro MX2 overall

1 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 25+25=50

2 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 22+22=44

3 Brad Anderson (Verde Substance KTM) 18+18=36

4 Taylor Hammal (RHR Yamaha) 20+16=36

5 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM UK) 15+20=35

MXY1 overall

1 Oliver Beamish (Gold Arts Yamaha) 18+20+25+20=83

2 James Smith (Manchester Husqvarna) 20+16+22+22=80

3 Ryan Mawhinney (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+22+7+25=76

4 Harry Barker (Moto Connection Husqvarna) 15+18+18+16=67 

5 Ryan Mundell (Mundell Plant Hire KTM) 12+13+20+18=62

9 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 25+25+DNS+DNS=50


Crescent Yamaha’s Jake Shipton raced to a career-first Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship podium finish in the MX1 class at Desertmartin on Sunday. 

Competing in the MX2 class, his team-mate Martin Barr narrowly missed out on a top-three finish at his home round at the infamously tough Northern Irish sand circuit. 

Jake started the day well with a fighting fourth in qualification, ending the session just over three-and-a-half seconds down on pole position. After getting a good jump out of the gate in the opening 25-minute plus two lap moto he moved up to third and was looking strong until he was forced to pull to the side of the track to remove a stone from his front sprocket. 

The delay cost him valuable time but despite having to discard his goggles he was still able to bring his YZ450F home in fourth. 

Another good start in race two saw him circulating as high as second before a crash dropped him down the order but, recovering quickly, his second fourth-placed finish of the day was good enough for him to take third overall. 

The result moves him up two places into ninth in the championship with three rounds still to run. 

Heading into his home round. Martin’s expectations were high and the veteran Irishman posted a solid time for fifth fastest in qualification on his YZ250F and was running third in the opening moto when he lost his back brake and was forced to let the leaders go. 

A poor start in race two put him in 10th after the opening lap and despite battling his way up to fourth at the flag it wasn’t enough to get on the overall podium and he finished three points shy of the box in fourth overall. 

Martin’s points total elevates him a position into fifth in the championship chase.

“I’m happy but I’m also a bit upset because I threw second away. I was happy with qualifying – normally that’s my weak point, pushing for a fast lap – so fourth was a great result for me and a good start for the day. 

“In the first race I got up into third but as I jumped the finish line jump a stone got wedged in the front sprocket and locked everything up. Luckily, I managed to wheel it back and got going in fourth – it probably would have been faster if I’d crashed – and I lost my goggles as well so for the last five laps it was torture. 

“The second race felt easy after that. I got a good start behind Tommy Searle and was second for over 20 minutes but with four laps to go I crashed going down a hill. I picked it back up but struggled to get back into a rhythm. My glove was full of sand and I ended up fourth again. I’m really happy to get on the podium but I could have run 2-2. 

“The bike was mega and I’m believing in myself. In the second race I was catching Tommy. I went in there with a different mindset. My result at Blaxhall helped massively – I’ve been building all season and now I feel that I should be up there.”

“I’m a bit disappointed not to make the podium but having said that it wasn’t a bad day. I didn’t get a perfect lap in qualifying and made a few mistakes but I wasn’t too bothered and still got a good gate position.

“Just before half-distance in race one I made my way up to third but then I lost my back brake which was challenging and I couldn’t push into corners the way I’d like so I had to use my head and settle for the position.

“In race two I messed up the start and got boxed in around the first corner and gave myself a lot of work to do and by the time I got into fourth the first three had already gone.

“It would have been sweet to get on the podium at my home race but it was still good to get two solid results and now I’m looking forward to the final three rounds. I’m the old boy of the class at 31 and still running at the front which is something that I’m very proud of. I’ve still got that fire in my belly and I’ll keep working hard at it.”

MX1 overall

1 Tommy Searle (KRT Kawasaki) 25+25=50

2 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 22+16=38

3 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 18+18=36

4 John Adamson (Bikesport Honda) 13+15=28

5 James Dunn (GL12 Husqvarna) 6+20=26

MX2 overall

1 Bas Vaessen (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 25+22=47

2 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+20=42

3 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 16+25=41

4 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 20+18=38

5 Taylor Hammal (RHR Yamaha) 13+16=29

Career-best British Championship result for Shipton!

Crescent Yamaha’s Jake Shipton and Martin Barr were both in impressive form in their opening motos at round four of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship at Blaxhall on Sunday but set-backs in their second races restricted both riders’ overall finishes. 

Jake was on fire on his YZ450F in the first 25-minute plus two lap MX1 race, moving forwards from a good start to set up a career-best second position, pushing to the maximum in the final laps to finish only 1 second from the race winner and fight off the attacks of MXGP star Tommy Searle who finished third. 

Jake was progressing towards the top 5 in race two and looking at a potential 2nd position overall before he was forced to slow dramatically, after hitting the rear of Harri Kullas’ machine and damaging his front wheel. Wanting to score points, he battled onwards but the problem drastically restricted Shipton’s speed and he crossed the line in 21st position after a valiant effort. 

Despite the physical after-effects of a serious road accident in mid-week, against the odds Martin heroically managed a solid third in the opening MX2 race on his YZ250F. Aiming to capitalise on this finish and score good Championship points on a difficult day, unfortunately Martin suffered a problem with his front brake system which took him down and forced him out of moto two. 

The team’s MX2 Youth rider Bobby Bruce, racing against 250cc four-strokes on his YZ125 two-stroke machine, was fifth in his first moto but an early crash in race two dropped him down to 10th, for a solid seventh overall. Jake, Martin and all at Crescent Yamaha would like to extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery to fellow Yamaha rider Ryan Houghton, who was involved in a serious accident at the start of the red-flagged first race.

“That’s my best-ever result in the British Championship and I only lost out on the moto win by 1.2 seconds so I’m really happy. I think it’s fair to say that I was a little bit excited at the end of the race but I was giving everything! I was so happy to be up front and know that I can run that pace for the whole race distance.

“About two laps into race two I shunted into Harri’s bike on the wall jump face, twisted the front of my bike and that was all she wrote. I carried on riding but I had a couple of sketchy moments and was losing the front everywhere. It was a good and bad day but that’s the highs and lows of motocross for you, but overall I’m really happy to be so competitive.”

“The day started off not too bad with fifth in qualifying which gave me a decent gate pick and I wasn’t too stressed, despite not feeling very good physically.

In race one I got a little bit too much wheelspin off the concrete which gave me a lot of work to do but I kept chipping away and got up to third so all things considered I was quite happy with that one.

Race two I made a lot better start but lost a few positions in the second corner and then we had a problem with the front brake which kept locking on which caused me to have a little crash.

It’s disappointing to have a DNF and I’ve lost a lot of points in the championship which I’m not happy about but there are a fair few races left to go and I’ll keep working hard.”

“I had a decent start in the first moto and got a fifth but unfortunately I crashed on the first lap in race two and couldn’t find a rhythm. It wasn’t a bad day but it could have been a lot better!

It’s hard work on a 125 two-stroke against the 250 four-strokes around that track, especially off the start, but at the same time shows just how good the YZ125 is.”

MX1 overall

1 Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 20+25=45

2 Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 15+20=35

3 Brad Anderson (Verde Substance KTM) 18+15=33

4 Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 14+18=32

5 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 16+16=32

11 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 22+0=22

MX2 overall

1 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 25+18=43

2 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+20=42

3 Ashton Dickinson (Craigs KTM) 16+16=32

4 Tom Grimshaw (HCR Putoline Yamaha) 14+14=28

5 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM UK) 12+15=27

12 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 20+0=20

MX2 Youth overall

1 Ike Carter (GL12 Husqvarna) 22+25=47

2 Joel Rizzi (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+20=45

3 Josh Peters (Yamaha) 18+18=36

4 Kyle McNicol (Manchester MC Husqvarna) 20+16=36

5 Dominic Lancett (Verde Substance KTM) 12+22=34

7 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 16+11=27

Battered Barr retains series lead

Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr retained his Pro MX2 championship lead at round three of the Michelin MX Nationals at Lyng on Sunday despite failing to score in the second moto following a big crash. 

The series’ ‘Fastest’ 40 format mixes MX1 and MX2 machines together – although they are scored separately – in the two 25-minute plus two lap points-paying motos which meant Martin was up against it on his YZ250F at the Cadders Hill circuit with its notoriously fast uphill start straight calling for maximum horsepower. 

After qualifying in fourth, the tough Irishman was held up in the first turn of the opening moto and had to battle his way past his MX2 rivals as well as 450cc riders and had advanced to second in class by the time the chequered flag came out. 

In race two he was involved in a big pile-up in the first turn and went down hard. Red flags came out to stop the race and Martin was in no fit state to make the restart but his main title rival, Josh Gilbert, was also unable to take his place behind the gate, ensuring Martin held onto his lead in the championship chase. 

Competing in the Pro MX1 class, Jake Shipton had a solid day on his YZ450F. Qualifying eighth, he put in two workmanlike performances and was rewarded with 6-7 finishes for seventh overall. 

The team’s youth rider Bobby Bruce was in action in the MXY1 class on his YZ125 two-stroke and after a stuttering start to the championship he finally showed his class. 

Qualifying first, he raced to a pair of second-placed finishes on Saturday before winning both his motos the following day to claim the top step of the podium and leap from ninth to fifth in the points table.


“I’m not too bad but I’m a bit sore. It was a big crash but that’s racing and it happens every so often. As long as nothing’s broken I’ll be back to fight another day. 

“It’s been one of those days. Qualifying didn’t go to plan and I never really got a good lap in and ended up fourth but I still got a good gate pick and my start was okay in the first moto although I got caught up a bit in the first corner. I was about fifth in MX2 but I put my head down and started pulling forward and managed to get up to second in class. 

“I was beginning to close Josh [Gilbert] down but I used my head and didn’t push too hard because I didn’t feel like I had a really good flow going. 

“I was really looking forward to race two. I went and had a good look at the track and saw a few different lines but unfortunately I didn’t get very far! I went down pretty hard but luckily I’ve got no major injuries. Josh DNFed as well which has kept the championship open and I’ve still got the red plate heading into round four which is the main thing. 

“I’ll go home, rest up and come out swinging in a couple of weeks’ time at the next round of the British championship.”


“I was quite chuffed with my result because Lyng is one of my worst tracks – I just don’t seem to gel with that place at all – so to get a couple of solid results and be consistent is decent.

“I had the starts dialled which I was pleased with but it was a little frustrating because I struggled to get a good feeling and seemed to be hitting every bump on the track.

“In both races I made the same mistake out in the back section in the field which cost me places. Still, I scored good points in both motos so not the worst day’s racing.”


“It’s been a really good weekend for me. I was first in qualifying but then didn’t have the best two races on Saturday and never really found a rhythm.

“Sunday was much better though. The track was rough and we were out last so it was brutal but I got out front in both races and took a couple of wins to get first overall.

“I’m now up to fifth in the championship which is good considering how many DNFs I’ve had this year.”

Pro MX1 overall

1 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 25+25=50

2 Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 22+20=42

3 Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 22+18=40

4 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 18+20=38

5 Nathan Dixon (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 16+15=31

7 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 15+14=29

Pro MX2 overall

1 Ashton Dickinson (Craigs KTM) 20+25=45

2 Glenn McCormick (UF Husqvarna) 18+20=38

3 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM UK) 15+22=37

4 Ben Franklin (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 16+16=32

5 Callum Mitchell (SF Racing KTM) 13+18=31

10 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 2+DNF=10

MXY1 overall

1 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 22+22+25+25=94

2 Ryan Mawhinney (REVO Husqvarna UK) 25+20+20+22=87

3 Louie Kessell (Judd KTM) 20+18+22+18=78

4 James Smith (Manchester Husqvarna) 6+25+16+20=67

5 Oliver Beamish (Yamaha) 18+16+18+14=66


Crescent Yamaha riders Martin Barr, Jake Shipton and Bobby Bruce travelled to Canada Heights in Kent for round three of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship Sunday. 

The circuit is always a super-tough date on the calendar with its combination of hard-pack and much softer ground creating a nightmare for riders and technicians with tyre choice and bike set-up crucial for a good result. 

Starting the day lying sixth in the MX2 championship, Martin qualified third on his YZ250F and ran 5-3 in the points-paying races for fourth overall, narrowly missing the podium by just two points. The result elevates him to fifth in the title chase. 

Competing in the MX1 class on his YZ450F, Jake also qualified in third but experienced a technical problem in the opening moto. This, combined with an unfortunate crash, put him out of the race. After starting strongly in race two he was running as high as eighth for the first half of the race before dropping back to 10th at the flag for 14th overall. 

Racing a YZ125 two-stroke again 250cc four-strokes in the MX2 Youth class, 14-year-old Bobby Bruce was ninth fastest in qualification before battling to a pair of fourth-placed finishes that earned him a fantastic third overall.

Martin Barr – YZ2450F

“It wasn’t too bad a day and third in qualifying was a good start. In race one I made an okay start but I couldn’t get close enough to Dylan Walsh to make a move and when I did with two laps to go I spun out and went down but I managed to get up again and finish fifth. 

“I was looking for more in race two and there was a big pile-up in the second turn which I was lucky not to get caught up in. I pushed hard for the first few laps and got up into third and was closing the first two down but made a mistake and they got away. 

“I’m a bit disappointed. If I’d got the pass on Walsh in the first one I’d have been on the podium but it’s all ifs and buts now and it was a solid day and the championship has closed right up. We’ll keep working and hopefully I’ll be back on the podium soon.”

Jake Shipton – YZ450F

“I had a big problem in the first race with my clutch – there was an issue on the start and once the gate dropped it wasn’t engaging properly and then I ended up going down which just topped it off. I think I got back into the top 20 but I was very aware of the clutch problem going up the hills so that was that. 

“In race two I got a poor start and was too nice to the other riders really. It’s been a frustrating day – I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve but didn’t! I’m disappointed. What can I say? I should have done a lot more but I never gave in.”

Bobby Bruce – YZ125

“It’s been good. I’m happy. It’s great to finally get on the podium. My speed is there, it’s just a case of putting it all together and today’s result has definitely helped with my confidence. I just need to get out of the gate and I reckon I could be up there.”

MX1 overall

1 – Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+25=50

2 – Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 22+22=44

3 – Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 20+16=36

4 – Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 13+20=33

5 – Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 15+18=33

14 – Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 0+11=11

MX2 overall

1 – Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+25=47

2 – Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 18+22=40

3 – Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 20+18=38

4 – Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 16+20=36

5 – Alexander Brown (Apico Putoline KTM) 14+16=30

MX2 Youth overall

1 – Joel Rizzi (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 22+25=47

2 – Ike Carter (GL12 Husqvarna) 25+22=47

3 – Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 18+18=36

4 – Kyle McNicol (Manchester MC Husqvarna) 20+16=36

5 – Dominic Lancett (Verde Substance KTM) 13+20=33


Crescent Yamaha’s Martin Barr raced to a dramatic double victory at round two of the Michelin MX Nationals at a dry and sun-scorched Hawkstone Park on Sunday. 

The Irishman, who carried the Pro MX2 red series leader’s plate after the opening round last month, kicked the day off with pole position in qualification by almost three-quarters-of-a-second. The series’ ‘Fastest 40’ format sees MX1 and MX2 classes race together – although they’re scored separately – so as well as the super-tough sand circuit he also had to contend with a full line-up of 450 machines on his YZ250F. 

In the first moto Martin was putting pressure on MX2 leader Josh Gilbert which paid off when Gilbert made a mistake allowing Martin to make a pass and take the class win by over 18 seconds. It was a similar scenario in race 2 – Martin once again battling with Gilbert and capitalising on another error which led to an almost a 13-second advantage at the flag and a double victory for Barr and the Crescent Yamaha YZ250F. 

Competing in the Pro MX1 class on his YZ450F, Jake Shipton also battled hard on a surface he openly admits to not favouring and was satisfied with his 6-8 finishes that gave him sixth overall. 

The team’s youth MXY1 class rider Bobby Bruce was also in action on his YZ125 but after comfortably winning the opening moto bad lucked dodged him for the rest of the weekend with technical issues stopping him from adding to his points total. 

In the championship chase Martin now leads MX2 by six points, Jake sits sixth in MX1 and Bobby is ninth in MXY1.

Martin Barr – YZ250F

“I’m happy enough, it’s been a really good day so I’ve got a big smile on my face. Perfect results – first in qualifying and first in MX2 in both motos. The guys at the MX Nationals did a super job with the track and got plenty of water down with it being so dry.

“Qualifying set me up nicely for race one. I didn’t make such a good start and banged bars with a few people through the first couple of corners and lost a few positions but once I got going and settled my head I started to reel in Josh Gilbert. I closed him up and then I kinda took a breather for a lap or two – I’ve been loaded with a cold all week – and then started going again.

“I was putting a bit of pressure on Josh and he tucked the front and went down with about four laps to go so I just used my head to bring it home.

“I got a better start in race two and quickly moved into the lead in MX2. I was struggling to breathe and Josh passed me – I kinda let him by so I could follow him for a couple of laps – but as soon as he was ahead he had a pretty big crash so again I used my head to get another race win.

“It’s good to get a six-point lead in the championship. It’s nothing really and it’s a long season but it’s nice to keep hold of that red plate.”

Jake Shipton – YZ450F

“It’s been a steady day. It was sand which I’m not known to be the best in but I ground it out and got some results out of it. I got bad starts which I’m unhappy about and the second race was brutal – hot and rough – and I’m a little bit annoyed that I didn’t hang on for a fourth or fifth but I’m getting better and better in the sand.

“I’m not overly-happy about Martin going past me on a 250 in both races but that second moto was probably the toughest race I’ve had in the last two years. I dug deep, really pushed myself and left everything out there on the track which I’m pleased about. Well done to Martin too, another great win”

Bobby Bruce – YZ125

“I was comfortably the first 125 home in the opening race and was leading the second one when I had a problem with the rear shock which caused me to crash. Then I was leading the first race on Sunday when I had a technical problem which put me out for the rest of the day. Not a good weekend results wise but I know the speed is there.”

Pro MX1 overall

1 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 25+25=50

2 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 20+22=42

3 Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 18+20=38

4 Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 22+15=37

5 Nathan Watson (Red Bull KTM) 16+18=34

6 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 15+13=28

Pro MX2 overall

1 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 25+25=50

2 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 22+22=44

3 Todd Kellett (St Blazey Yamaha) 18+20=38

4 Ashton Dickinson (Craigs KTM) 20+18=38

5 Glenn McCormick (UF Husqvarna) 16+15=31

MXY1 overall

1 Ryan Mawhinney (REVO Husqvarna UK) 22+25+25+25=97

2 Louie Kessell (Judd KTM) 20+22+22+22=86

3 James Smith (Manchester Husqvarna) 18+14+20+20= 72

4 Oliver Beamish (Yamaha) 16+20+18+18=72

5 Ethan Sills (KTM) 15+15+16+16=62

16 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 25+DNF+DNF+DNS


Bad starts and crashes proved to be expensive for Crescent Yamaha riders Jake Shipton and Martin Barr at round two of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean at Lyng on Sunday.

The sandy Cadders Hill circuit in Norfolk is notoriously brutal and it lived up to its reputation for Jake in the MX1 class. Racing a YZ450F, the 25-year-old qualified in 10th but struggled out of the gate in both 25-minute plus two lap races and also crashed in both with his 14-11 card placing him 12th overall.On a positive note, on a track that was hard to make passes his speed was good and he picked up multiple places in both motos as he showed off his fitness and pace.

Martin managed to stay upright but he too didn’t get the starts needed to run with the men at the front. The tough Ulsterman, however, doesn’t know how to quit and two hard motos saw him come away from Lyng with a 5-6 card for sixth overall on his YZ250F in MX2.In the championship chase Jake now sits in 11th and Martin is holding down sixth with six rounds to go.

Jake Shipton  2019 Yamaha YZ450F

“I’m disappointed with Lyng to be honest. In the first race I gated outside the top 20 and then crashed on the first lap and was miles back but I got my head down and managed to fight my way back up to 14th. It was really one-lined which made passing very difficult but I probably put more passes together out of everyone in the race.

“I had another bad start in race two but battled my way through the pack into 10th and thought I’d salvaged some halfway decent points but then crashed on the last lap and lost a position.

“I’ve let myself down with my starts because my speed was good enough to run in the top five all day long. To make as many passes as I did was encouraging but the results weren’t what I wanted – there was basically one berm around the whole track and any line I went to pick I always ended up being behind someone.

“I felt really good on the bike. I’ve never really got on with Lyng but I went in with a positive attitude. It was a hard day but I knuckled down, put everything into it and I’ve come away fit and healthy and knowing my speed is there.”

Martin Barr 2019 Yamaha YZ250F

“I’m not too bad but it was a bit frustrating and I made it hard work for myself by not getting the starts. With Lyng being the way it is now – really fast and not cutting up – there were people who were getting the starts who were very hard to pass. 

“That was the frustrating part – I was coming through but it was very one-lined and in the first race I just took too long to get by people and then the leaders were gone so I finished fifth.

“Race two was pretty much the same and I took way, way too long to make passes and kept losing my momentum so I got sixth for sixth overall which isn’t where I want to be and I’m looking for a lot more to try and close down the championship leader.

“I’m going to go home and keep practising my starts and hopefully at Canada Heights for round three I can get back on the podium. I know I’ve got the pace, I just need to make it easier on myself by getting the starts but I’ll keep working on those.”

MX1 overall

1 Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 22+25=47

Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+22=47

Harris Kullas (Cab Screens Deos Group Racing Honda) 16+20=36

Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 18+18=36

Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 20+14=34

12 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 7+10=17

MX1 championship: 

1 Simpson 94 points, 

2 Searle 92, 

3 Tombs 70, 

4 Kullas 58, 

5 Millward 57

11 Shipton 31.

MX2 overall

1 Conrad Mewse (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 25+25=50

2 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 22+18=40

3 Bas Vaessen (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 18+20=38

4 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 14+22+36

5 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 20+16=36

6 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 16+15=31

MX2 championship: 

1 Mewse 97 points, 

2 Vaessen 85, 

3 Ostlund 76, 

4 Gilbert 70, 

5 Walsh 70

6 Barr 64.


Crescent Yamaha’s Jake Shipton and Martin Barr kicked off their 2019 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship campaigns with positive performances in extremely testing conditions at FatCat Motoparc on Sunday.

The Yorkshire sand circuit is notoriously brutal at the best of times and gale-force winds and torrential rain combined to provide a tough test of man and machine but both Jake and Martin put in strong rides. 

After qualifying 13th in MX1 on his YZ450F, Jake started his opening moto just outside the top 10 but pushed through the pack and was running sixth before a crash dropped him to seventh. In race two he gated near the front but a coming together with another rider on the first lap forced him out with a mechanical issue and he ended the day 14th overall. 

Martin went to the line for the first MX2 moto with the sixth-fastest qualification time and following a good start showed his class. At half-distance he was in line for a top-three finish but a mistake cost him a place and after getting caught up in a first-lap incident in race two he fought his way through from 15th to sixth for a solid fifth overall. 

Racing a YZ125 two-stroke against 250cc four-stroke machines, 14-year-old Bobby Bruce put in two solid rides in the MX2 Youth class with his 7-6 scores earning him seventh overall.

Jake Shipton 2019 Yamaha YZ450F

“Qualifying was a bit disappointing but the first race was good. I was chasing down fifth and had a small crash which left me seventh but I was right on the back of sixth which I was happy with because it was absolutely horrendous out there. You’d line yourself up for a rut, get all nice and settled and then a gust of wind would blow you to the other side of the track.

“It was great for me to get a good result in tough conditions. It’s nice to see all the hard work paying off and I feel like I’ve got the monkey off my back.

“In race two I got a brilliant start but came together with Mel Pocock in the fourth turn which left me under the bike and I bent my front disc so I had to pull in but I had that good feeling back and was pushing hard. I’m happy!”

Martin Barr 2019 Yamaha YZ250F

“The day started off all right but I didn’t put in a good lap in qualifying until the end of the session because the track was busy and I got held up.

“I had a really good start in the opening race and was running as high as third but made a few mistakes and lost a place. I regrouped and almost got third on the last lap and in those conditions I was more than happy with that. I got caught in a pile-up in the second corner of race two which gave me a lot of work to do but I came back to sixth after losing quite a few positions.

“It’s a long season and that’s a steady enough first round. I didn’t want to do anything stupid today so I’ll take it, go back and get some work done and keep building.”

Pro MX1 overall

1 Shaun Simpson (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+22=47

2 Tommy Searle (BOS Kawasaki) 20+25=45

3 Lewis Tombs (Buildbase Honda) 16+18=34

4 Jake Millward (Chambers Racing Husqvarna) 9+20=29

5 Ryan Houghton (RHR Yamaha) 11+16=27

14 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 14+DNF=14

Pro MX2 overall

1 Bas Vaessen (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 22+25=47

2 Conrad Mewse (Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee) 25+22=47

3 Alvin Ostlund (REVO Husqvarna UK) 20+20=40

4 Dylan Walsh (REVO Husqvarna UK) 16+18+34

5 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 18+15=33

MXY2 overall

1 Joel Rizzi (RFX KTM powered by PAR Homes) 25+25=50

2 Dominic Lancett (Verde Substance KTM) 22+20=42

3 Kyle McNichol (Manchester Motorcycles Husqvarna) 20+18=38

4 Ike Carter (GL12 Husqvarna) 18+14=32

5 Max Ingham (HCR Yamaha) 8+22=30

7 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 14+15=29


New signing Martin Barr got Crescent Yamaha's 2019 MX Nationals campaign off to a great start with overall victory in the Pro MX2 class at the opening round of the series at Sherwood on Sunday.

In appalling conditions as torrential rain swept the Nottinghamshire circuit, the Irishman put his all new 2019 YZ250F into a solid third in qualification. The championship's 'Fastest 40' format sees MX1 and MX2 classes race together – although they're scored separately – and when the gate dropped on the opening moto Martin was in the thick of the action as he battled with the 450 machines.

After fighting his way through to second MX2 rider, he went one better in race two with his combined score earning him the overall win on a tie-break by virtue of his second race victory.

Representing the team in MX1 on his YZ450F, Jake Shipton continued his comeback from a serious back injury that sidelined him for most of last season witha solid if unspectacular day. Qualifying ninth, he finished the opening race in eighth in class but had a much tougher time in moto two and after losing his goggles in the early laps he eventually finished 15th for 11th overall.

Crescent Yamaha is also represented by Bobby Bruce in the super-competitive youth MXY1 125cc class. Racing his YZ125, he was on course for a podium finish with a second and two thirds but a DNF in race three restricted him to sixth overall on the day.

Martin Barr 2019 Yamaha YZ250F

“I’m happy enough. It’s a good start to the championship for me and I’m really happy on the Crescent Yamaha. The day started off pretty decent with third in qualifying which set me up nicely for a good gate position. I made a good start in race one and was pulling through the 450s ahead of me but a couple of mistakes let the leader get away a little bit so I settled for second. I couldn’t win the championship today but I could definitely lose it and with the track being a little sketchy in some places I used my head.

I was looking for something similar in race two. We had a lot of rain and the track got really slick along with it already being pretty rough so it was a very technical race and one in which you could easily find yourself upside down. I made another decent start and just rode steady, found a good rhythm and brought it home for the win which gave me the overall. I want to keep it going and now I’m looking forward to next weekend and the opening round of the British championship at FatCat.

It’s been a difficult week. A good friend’s wife passed away so I’d like to dedicate that win to her.”

Jake Shipton 2019 Yamaha YZ450F

“I started just inside the top 10 in the opening race but I was a bit cautious early on and a few went by but towards the end I started clicking them off which I was happy about.

The conditions were absolutely horrendous in race two. It was the same for everyone but I just seemed to lose my goggles first! I had a decent start but I went off the track, then I got water behind my goggles which was annoying and a big disadvantage.

After being out for so long last year I need to get races under my belt. I’m as fast as anyone in training but it’s race time when I’m riding under pressure that I’m missing at the moment. I feel fit and my riding’s going good so I’m staying positive and aiming to improve every time I race.”

Pro MX1 overall

1 Harri Kullas (Cab Screens Honda) 25+25=50

2 Josh Spinks (MSR Yamaha) 20+22=42

3 Ryan Houghton (RHR Yamaha) 22+20=42

4 Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 18+15=33

5 Mel Pocock (ASA United KTM) 14+16=30

11 Jake Shipton (Crescent Yamaha) 13+6=19

Pro MX2 overall

1 Martin Barr (Crescent Yamaha) 22+25=47

2 Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 25+22=47

3 Carlton Husband (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki) 18+18=36

4 Ben Franklin (Chambers Husqvarna) 20+13=33

5 Michael Ellis (Pope KTM) 14+16=30

MXY1 overall

1 James Smith (Manchester Husqvarna) 25+25+13+25=88

2 Ryan Mawhinney (REVO Husqvarna UK) 16+16+25+22=79

3 Oliver Beamish (Yamaha) 22+20+22+14=78

4 Louie Kessell 18+18+20+12=68

5 Harry Barker (Husqvarna) 15+15+18+18=66

6 Bobby Bruce (Crescent Yamaha) 20+22+DNF+20=62

Crescent Yamaha announces two-pronged approach for 2019 UK MX off-road championships

Crescent Yamaha is pleased to formally announce its 2019 MX Team line-up of Martin Barr and Jake Shipton, both set to tackle a full UK race programme including both the ACU British Championship and MX Nationals.

As the official Yamaha UK-supported team, Crescent Yamaha will be fighting for podiums with the latest GYTR-equipped 2019 YZF off-road bikes. Northern Ireland’s Martin Barr will compete in MX2 on the all-new 2019 Yamaha YZ250F in MX2, while Bournemouth’s Jake Shipton will continue in the premier MX1 class with the 2019 Yamaha YZ450F.

Each machine will be equipped with Yamaha’s GYTR performance parts and accessories with technical development and assistance from Crescent Yamaha. The team draws on more than 20 years of racing experience as in British Superbike, MotoGP and WorldSBK, as well as a passion for motocross as one of UK's premium Yamaha Off-Road Dealerships.

The team’s technical partners and sponsors will be announced soon prior to its first competitive outing at the 2019 Hawkstone International on 17 February ahead of the start of the ACU British Championship in March.

Paul Denning, Managing Director, Crescent Yamaha

“It is a pleasure to announce the new Crescent Yamaha MX team with championship-winning rider Martin Barr and growing talent Jake Shipton. Crescent has always had a passion for racing and MX has always been part of my life and that of many staff members. It feels like a natural step to put together a professional team, given Crescent’s history and experience in professional racing as well as our strong relationship with Yamaha. Our off-road involvement sits firmly alongside our partnerships with Yamaha in the WorldSBK Championship and our successful street bike and off-road dealership. We are very excited about working with Martin in MX2, a consummate professional and a rider who always delivers results, and also helping Jake to reach the next level in MX1. One thing we don’t need to worry about is the bikes – the 2019 YZF models are a huge step forward. ”

Adam Kelley, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Branch UK

“Given the increase in performance and technology of the Yamaha YZ range, it makes sense to commit to an experienced and proven line-up with Crescent and riders Martin Barr and Jake Shipton. The 2019 Yamaha YZ250F features an all-new engine design providing more mid to top-end power while the YZ450F has been updated with a number of rider-friendly changes over the already-popular 2018 model. Yamaha and Crescent are names that have become synonymous together and we look forward to supporting the team’s assault on the British Motocross Championship and MX Nationals in 2019.”

Martin Barr, Crescent Yamaha, 2019 Yamaha YZ250F

“I’m excited to take on this new challenge with Crescent Yamaha. I’ve been doing this game a long time now and the way that Paul and I have got on from day one has been fantastic. As Crescent and Yamaha have all the same goals in mind, I want to go out and promote the new 2019 YZ250F as best as I can. I still feel there is a British Motocross Championship title in me, and that will be my main focus to go out and win that as well as MX Nationals. I’m just really looking forward to getting the season underway and seeing how we pan out!”

Jake Shipton, Crescent Yamaha, 2019 Yamaha YZ450F

“I’m looking forward to 2019 with Crescent Yamaha, especially after a difficult year. I’m glad to stay involved with Yamaha, as well as continue my partnership with Crescent. Thanks to Adam Kelley and a massive thanks to Paul and Crescent, I really appreciate all the support from the whole team. With a strong structure around me, I ready to work hard to get a solid winter under my belt on the new 2019 YZ450F. Yamaha has made some really good changes to the bike and I can’t wait to get started and open the gas for 2019!”

Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship

Round 1 – FatCat, March 3
Round 2 – Lyng, April 14
Round 3 – Canada Heights, May 5 Round 4 – Blaxhall, June 2
Round 5 – Desertmartin, June 30 Round 6 – Hawkstone Park, July 21 Round 7 – Foxhill, August 11 Round 8 – Culham, September 15

Michelin MX Nationals

Venues to be announced

Round 1 – March 9/10 Round 2 – April 20/21 Round 3 – May 18/19 Round 4 – July 13/14 Round 5 – August 24/25 Round 6 – September 21/228