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Top 10 for Jake Shipton

10th place for Jake at the 2nd round of the MAXXIS Championships

The conditions were perfect at Lyng as round 2 of the MAXXIS British MX Championships got under way with Crescent RH Racing's Jake Shipton walking away with 10th place overall.

A solid start to the day saw Jake qualifying just inside the top 10, already improving on his pace from the last race. The track was flat and fast meaning that times were tight between the riders across all 3 motos but Jake managed to keep his positioning steady giving him 10th place at the end of the day.

Straight back into training, Jake's next race is at Culham Moto Park for round 2 of the Pirelli Masters.

"A better result thanround one. Both races Jake was just outside of the top ten, middle of the packstarts combined with a circuit which was difficult to pass on, didn'thelp."

"Generally rode wellwhich was positive but just need to end better and not get overly excitedwithin the first couple of laps. Poor starts all day so something to workon."

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