Free Datatool Tracker

It's every biker's worst nightmare having their prized Motorcycle or Scooter stolen and theft is a growing problem in the UK. That’s why, at Yamaha, we are going the extra mile to keep your Motorcycle or Scooter safe and secure!

Receive a Datatool Stealth S5, usually costing £249, free of charge when you purchase a new Yamaha Motorcycle or Scooter from any participating Authorised Yamaha Dealer. Fitting and subscription charges apply.

About the Datatool Stealth S5:
  • Automatically geo-fenced to monitor all signs of unauthorised movement.
  • Reviewing a ride or tracking a fleet? The Stealth S5 records every journey with the vehicles position being updated every 15 seconds.
  • Coverage across all of western Europe and beyond.
  • 'G Sense’ impact detection to alert an emergency contact if an incident is detected.
Terms & Conditions
  • Subject to availability
  • Limited time only, offer ends 30th June 2021
  • Yamaha reserve the right to withdraw the promotion without prior notice
  • Available at authorised Yamaha Motorcycle and a Scooter Dealers Only
  • Tracking unit supplied free of charge with the purchase of a new road registered Yamaha Motorcycle or Scooter – The tracker has a RRP of £249 but is provided free of charge when fitting and one year contract are agreed.
  • Customer must pay for fitting and Datatool subscription at time of purchase. Fitting charged at £99
  • Minimum 12 month customer subscription for Datatool tracking
  • Request for tracker must be made at time of purchase.
Tricity 300

Tricity 300 From £7,802.00


D elight

D elight From £2,900.00


NMAX 125

NMAX 125 From £3,400.00


Tricity 125

Tricity 125 From £4,150.00


XMAX 125

XMAX 125 From £4,999.00


XMAX 125 Tech MAX

XMAX 125 Tech MAX From £5,200.00


XMAX 300

XMAX 300 From £5,700.00


XMAX 300 Tech MAX

XMAX 300 Tech MAX From £6,050.00



TMAX Tech MAX From £12,001.00



XSR125 From £4,450.00


2021 XSR700

2021 XSR700 From £7,702.00


XSR700 XTribute

XSR700 XTribute From £8,402.00


2021 MT-125

2021 MT-125 From £4,650.00


2021 MT-09 SP

2021 MT-09 SP From £10,202.00


2021 MT-07

2021 MT-07 From £6,902.00


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